A Deadly River Runs Through It is a Strike Force mission. One side is the attacking force who must rush into the opponent’s zone while the defender tries to keep them out. This mission is based on a mission from the Red Waagh! campaign from the seventh edition. The map for this mission is on Tabletop Simulator at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2275718190.

The Battlefield  

The battlefield is split by the Deadly River with a bridge over it. On the attack side is a barricade at the entrance to the bridge. A pair of ruin is in the defender’s forward deployment zone, and one in the rear. A defence line marks the side of the defender’s forward deployment zone facing the defender. This map shows a typical configuration. 



Determine which player is the attacker and which is the defender. 

The attacking player splits their force into two groups, with as close to half the total number of units in each group as possible.  The attacking player deploys all units in the group containing his Warlord in the attacking deployment zone. All other units are placed in Reserve.

After the attacking player has deployed their units the defending player splits their force into two groups, with as close to half the total number of units in each group as possible. One group contains the Warlord. The Attacking player places all units in the group containing his Warlord in the deployment zone on their edge and then all units in the other group are placed in the forward deployment zone behind the defences.



The attacking player may bring reserves in starting on turn one. The attacking player rolls a D6 for each unit they are bringing in from reserve. On turn one the unit enters play on a roll of 4+. No roll is needed on the second turn or later. Units may be placed within 6” of any edge except the defending player’s edge, and not along the short edge bordering the defending Player’s deployment until turn three or later, and they must be at least 9” from an enemy unit.  

Air Strike

The attacker rolls a D6 for each enemy unit. On a “6” that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds. For characters roll two D6’s and use the lowest result to determine a hit. Before the dice are rolled the defending player may choose to have the unit dig in. That unit only suffers D3 mortal wound but that unit may not take any actions in the first round of the mission. 

Deadly River

The Deadly River is Difficult Ground. Any models that enter, leave or move within the river must roll a D6. If the roll is equal to or greater than the Toughness of the model that model suffers one mortal wound. An unmodified “6” inflicts a mortal wound in addition to any damage the unit might take from this roll. 

Game Length

This mission is 5 rounds long.


At the end of the game each player scores the following:

  • 1 Victory Point for each of their units other than aircraft that are in the defending player’s table half. 
  • At the end of the mission, each player adds up the wound value of the units destroyed during the mission. Divide this by 10 and round down; this is the number of points the opponent receives for kills. 

 Total up all the victory points for each side and the player with the most points is the victor.